• Restaurant

    Restaurant "Chernivtsi"
    Hall "European" European hall of the restaurant “Chernivtsi” is designed as an apartment of Austrian time period. Here you can enjoy traditional Ukrainian dumplings (varenyky) and delicious European delicacies. Our cooks, masters of culinary art, know how to manage their filed of activity.   
    Hall "Toskana"
    In a sophisticated atmosphere of the hall “Toskana” the light and spacious hall makes visitors of the restaurant “Chernivtsi” forget about worries and to feel themselves for some time like in a sunny Italy.   Hall "Toskana" - the place to have a rest, which is equally suitable for cozy family dinners and romantic dates.  
    Bukovinian Korchma
    Feel an atmosphere of being home-like at our "Bukovinian korchma"! Korchma hosts will gladly treat you with  a welcome glass of “Samohonka” (home-distilled vodka) -  traditional Ukrainian drink and a small sandwich with a  fragrant salo.  Here you can enjoy a fragrant borschch with donuts, to taste zavyvantsi with mushrooms (sweet dough festive) and also taste a real mamalyga with sheep cheese (...
    Lobby Bar
    "Lobby Bar" in the hotel "Bukovyna" - is a perfect place where you can get away from worries of routine daily life and have a rest at a cozy pleasant atmosphere.  Here one can spend time with a cup of aromatic coffee or enjoy a fragnant tea while waiting for business partners or friends.  At your service there is a variety of cold drinks, elite wines and liqueurs.     
    Lounge-bar is situated in a foyer of the restaurant “Chernivtsi”. Its visiting  takes you to a small cozy Chernivtsi courtyard with real pavers.  Our hospitality is always at your service!  
    Summer Terrace
    Little cozy exotic oasis in the middle of a noisy city ... This is our summer terrace, created in front of the hotel "Bukovyna". To distract yourself from heavy thoughts and daily fuss, with that will help you specially created atmosphere of primeval nature. Here you can enjoy traditional Ukrainian dishes and delicious European delicacies.  
    Pub «Our Beer»
    "Our Beer" (Bayern) Chernivtsi city, Heroes of Maydan St., 103 Г Tel. (03722) 4-79-70, (066) 530-80-61, (095) 582-92-25 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //   Beer gourmets favored the bar-brewery “Our Beer” in Chernivtsi long ago. The brewery works since 1991 and until nowadays the beer is made in accordance with Hungarian...
    Pizzeria «OUR PIZZA»
    Flavorful pizza with a thin crust will be made within a few minutes by the professional pizza master! For young gourmets we offer Children workshops of pizza making and also of drawing competitions with tasty prizes. The best pictures have a chance to be kept at our facility and decorate its walls.